Randy McMurchy randy at
Wed Mar 7 22:32:12 PST 2007

Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:
> Randy McMurchy wrote:
>> Well, I can't see us supporting a /usr/games directory. As
>> best as I can recall, this would violate the FHS.
> This doesn't violate FHS, please see 

Indeed, an old relic still mentioned in the FHS. Myself,
I could never imagine using /usr/games. BLFS whined, moaned,
groaned, bitched and cried to move X out of /usr/X11R6, now,
this proposal uses a directory mentioned only in the X11
section. The FHS prefers /usr/share/games, as best as I can

It would be difficult for me to support /usr/games, when
we don't support /usr/X11... any longer.

> If fortune is not installed, an empty window is displayed. So, I would have 
> to suppress installation of xfce4-tips in order to achieve a sanely-looking 
> setup.

Because of this, and there is a recent release of Fortune,
I am not against its addition to the book. However, we still
need to discuss the section it would be added to the book.

> Not sure. Recode belongs to "general utilities".


> IMHO, fortune belongs to 
> the same section as xscreensaver (i.e., "general utilities"), because both 
> draw useless stuff on the screen.

I can agree with this as well. Be it known that all my
screensavers on Linux machines are a stupid little man
running around telling offensive jokes (some I find quite

> With recode, I would like to add --without-included-gettext. Fortune is not 
> CMMI, but simply a "make && make install", with the possibility to add 
> parameters after "make".

Thanks for your response, Alex. I'm swinging to the other
side. If you want to add them, do it. I think (unlike Ag's
views) that a package added to BLFS that is low maintenance,
and has some value to other BLFS packages is worthwhile. I
don't consider it "cruft".


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