A minor diff to update the vim patchlevel and a question.

Ag. Hatzimanikas a.hatzim at gmail.com
Wed Mar 7 22:19:08 PST 2007

On Wed, Mar 07, at 04:02 Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> The reason we put the vimrc file in BLFS was that the treatment was so
> thin in LFS.  At the time we didn't have a vim page in BLFS.

Oh I see,that make sense yes.
But I don't know if that make sense today.

> I still think we should have the separate page here. We also have quite a
> treatment of bash configuration files.

I am not really sure if we can compare the bash page with vimrc.
Shell (bash or zsh - I am using zsh if that matters) configuration it's quite 
critical in my humble opinion ,since is responsible for a sane environment of 
the new created system (paths*,lang* and so on...).

Anyway I will put this matter in question in the ticket when I will find
the time to create it.

> There is still  a section in the BLFS source in inputrc, but it is commented 
> out of the book.  I can't recall why that is at the moment.

I think because there is no reason to duplicate work,since there is also a inputrc
page in LFS book in chapter07.

I was looking in the museum for old releases because I remember there was a inputrc page.
I found out that we still had this page in 5.1 release.
I will look in the track.

Ok I found out when it happened.

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