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Wed Mar 7 21:07:49 PST 2007

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:
>> 1) xscreensaver wants to call /usr/games/fortune
> Well, I can't see us supporting a /usr/games directory. As
> best as I can recall, this would violate the FHS.

This doesn't violate FHS, please see

Also, there is no problem to move the executable to /usr/bin.

> Additionally,
> I recall being able to disable the Fortune stuff in XScreenSaver.
> Perhaps I'm mistaken on the disabling, though.

I will look into this and add to the book by default, if you really want to 
omit fortune. Right now, noseguy always says "sh: /usr/games/fortune: No 
such file or directory".

>> 2) xfce-4.4.0 doesn't display tips if fortune is not installed
> Hmmm. Could you expand a bit on this? I'm not doubting you,
> I simply don't understand the relationship. Does XFCE use
> the Fortune engine, or what? Certainly it doesn't need all
> the quotes and stuff.

xfce4-tips (arranged by default to start up with the session) calls fortune 
in order to provide the text for the tip dialog. The exact command line is:

fortune /usr/share/xfce4/tips/tips

If fortune is not installed, an empty window is displayed. So, I would have 
to suppress installation of xfce4-tips in order to achieve a sanely-looking 

>> For me, this is a sufficient reason to suggest including fortune-mod-1.99.1 
>> and its required dependency "recode" into the book. Any objections or 
>> additional notes?
> Before adding it, could you explain a few things?
> 1) What directory should it (Fortune) be installed in?

List of files:

/usr/games/fortune (can be moved)
/usr/share/games/fortunes/off/<a lot of files with offensive jokes>
/usr/share/games/fortunes/<a lot of files with "normal" jokes>

Offensive jokes can be disabled.

> 2) What section of the book would they be in?

Not sure. Recode belongs to "general utilities". IMHO, fortune belongs to 
the same section as xscreensaver (i.e., "general utilities"), because both 
draw useless stuff on the screen.

> 3) Are both packages CMMI?

With recode, I would like to add --without-included-gettext. Fortune is not 
CMMI, but simply a "make && make install", with the possibility to add 
parameters after "make".

Alexander E. Patrakov

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