gtk+-2.8 tombstone

David Jensen djensen at
Wed Mar 7 19:23:18 PST 2007

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> David Jensen wrote:
>> Until we update glib, cairo, atk, pango and gtk everything is behind the 
>> 8-ball.
> Agreed. I will update all the above packages by the end of the
> upcoming weekend. I'll also place a note in the GNOME instructions
> that currently the GNOME instructions are broken and to use the
> stable book for proper packages to support BLFS GNOME (I'll also
> mention that to use the updated BLFS support packages (glib, etc.) 
> you'll need to use GNOME >2.14.3.
> And in response to a question later in the thread, we will skip
> GNOME-2.16.1 and move straight to 2.18. This probably requires
> updating HAL as well (not sure). We'll need to create some sort
> of plan on who will do what in what timeframe.
> I could have GNOME updated to 2.18.1 in about a week after its
> release. But I'd also like to have all the support packages
> updated as well when GNOME is updated in BLFS
I can start on some of the support libs, etc

I'll hold them for your gtk update.

and good night to all!
David Jensen

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