gtk+-2.8 tombstone

Randy McMurchy randy at
Wed Mar 7 18:33:11 PST 2007

David Jensen wrote:
> Until we update glib, cairo, atk, pango and gtk everything is behind the 
> 8-ball.

Agreed. I will update all the above packages by the end of the
upcoming weekend. I'll also place a note in the GNOME instructions
that currently the GNOME instructions are broken and to use the
stable book for proper packages to support BLFS GNOME (I'll also
mention that to use the updated BLFS support packages (glib, etc.) 
you'll need to use GNOME >2.14.3.

And in response to a question later in the thread, we will skip
GNOME-2.16.1 and move straight to 2.18. This probably requires
updating HAL as well (not sure). We'll need to create some sort
of plan on who will do what in what timeframe.

I could have GNOME updated to 2.18.1 in about a week after its
release. But I'd also like to have all the support packages
updated as well when GNOME is updated in BLFS


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