Randy McMurchy randy at
Wed Mar 7 18:25:01 PST 2007

Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:

> 1) xscreensaver wants to call /usr/games/fortune

Well, I can't see us supporting a /usr/games directory. As
best as I can recall, this would violate the FHS. Additionally,
I recall being able to disable the Fortune stuff in XScreenSaver.
Perhaps I'm mistaken on the disabling, though.

> 2) xfce-4.4.0 doesn't display tips if fortune is not installed

Hmmm. Could you expand a bit on this? I'm not doubting you,
I simply don't understand the relationship. Does XFCE use
the Fortune engine, or what? Certainly it doesn't need all
the quotes and stuff.

> For me, this is a sufficient reason to suggest including fortune-mod-1.99.1 
> and its required dependency "recode" into the book. Any objections or 
> additional notes?

Before adding it, could you explain a few things?

1) What directory should it (Fortune) be installed in?
2) What section of the book would they be in?
3) Are both packages CMMI?

I for one (though it is just an opinion) don't see the
need for Fortune in BLFS. However, that is not a guideline,
I'm just offering my view. The community decision will be
the guiding force. My biggest thing is where in the book
would we put it.


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