A minor diff to update the vim patchlevel and a question.

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Wed Mar 7 14:02:42 PST 2007

Ag. Hatzimanikas wrote:

> Your options looks quite generic,actually many of them are already
> supported by my diff and some of them could be also included,eg... 
> =============
> set expandtab
> set tabstop=4
> set shiftwidth=4
> set backup
> set viminfo='20,\"50
> =============
> As for the gui stuff,it doesn't really matter as,even if you place the gui
> part of my diff in your vimrc,vim will just ignore that part if you are
> not running the gui version.
> And don't forget that our example vimrc,is just an exhibition and it doesn't 
> meant for copy/paste (like a 'cat' here document).

Yes, I wasn't arguing for or against changes.  I'm sorry if it came
across otherwise.  I just wanted to give a slightly different perspective.

I really don't have a problem in updating the page.  It's probably a
good idea.

> Anyway,thinking again more realistically,I really can't find the reason
> why this special treatment to vim configuration file over the other
> packages.Why it has to have it's own page?
> I mean,don't get me wrong -- i am spending my time mostly behind some
> really long vim sessions manipulating text; but what was the rationale
> behind this decision in the past? Is anyone here that can shed some light
> or to point me/us to an old document or something?
> Personally I am inclined,when I will open the ticket to put this issue.
> Comment out/moving the contents of the vimrc page into vim page under
> the configuration section like any other package in the book.

The reason we put the vimrc file in BLFS was that the treatment was so
thin in LFS.  At the time we didn't have a vim page in BLFS.  I still
think we should have the separate page here.  We also have quite a
treatment of bash configuration files.  The idea was to answer the
question: "OK, I built LFS, not what?".  Chapter 3 basically (but not
exclusively) is how to configure LFS installed programs.  There is still
a section in the BLFS source in inputrc, but it is commented out of the
book.  I can't recall why that is at the moment.

  -- Bruce

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