new package: ksh

DJ Lucas dj at
Sat Mar 3 12:04:56 PST 2007

Dan Nicholson wrote:
> I actually started reading after I wrote that email. Let's try to use
> AT&T's unless it's a huge pain. That pdksh is from 1999, and with the
> limitations... I wouldn't bother unless you're stuck.
> JDK in 12 SBU?! I may actually try to build it now. How did that happen?
:-)  JDK-6.0 (1.6.0_01).  It was only 128 minutes on LFS-6.2 with 7:47 
SBU time.  It's now 93 minutes after pulling debug and fastdebug targets 
and the gcc29 plugin.  I can put the patches in my homedir if you want 
to give it a go, but it's got a ways to go until it gets into the book.  
Fop and then OOo are next on my list.  I'll probably stick with 
OOo-2.0.3 so JDK gets done as soon as possible, and then move on to 
OOo-2.1.x afterwards.

-- DJ Lucas

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