new package: ksh

DJ Lucas dj at
Sat Mar 3 10:21:17 PST 2007

Dan Nicholson wrote:
> I have no problem rolling them into one package. I'd kind of prefer
> that we pull all the downloads from upstream, but if it's too big of a
> PITA, then whatever. Looking at the fedora spec, it looks like they
> unpack all the tarballs and then just do `./bin/package "read"' then
> `./bin/package "make"'. Then they install the files by hand.
That was exactly what I had planned using the debian package, I didn't 
realize it was that simple.  If it's just two downloads, then that 
should be fine.  Fedora link above shows three??? Also, I have not seen 
a need for a gcc patch.
> Another option would be to use pdksh. Apparently it's not as fully
> featured as AT&T's ksh, but if all we're using it for is bootstrapping
> JDK, then maybe that's enough.
I think I'd prefer the original AT&T ksh noting the read limitation in 
pdksh.  I rarely use that syntax, prefering backtics or $(..), but I 
could see it causing problems for some.  I'll give it a go anyway.  JDK 
build is only 12 SBU now!

Thanks for the links.

-- DJ Lucas

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