new package: ksh

DJ Lucas dj at
Sat Mar 3 09:19:25 PST 2007

Hey guys.  A couple of quick questions.  The new JDK build want's ksh, 
so it'll have to be added to BLFS.  Problem is, it requires several 
other packages from AT&T's open-ast project for the build of ksh only.  
I haven't looked into it too deeply (I'm seeking community approval for 
the alternative below), but I could add all of the packages to the book 
(ast-lib, nmake, pax, tw, sfio, INIT, and ksh).  Debian provides a 
single source tarball (ksh_93r-orig.tar.gz) that includes INIT and 
ast-base (all of the above except INIT).  Since the other ast open 
packages are used only for the build, does anyone have a problem with 1. 
using the Debian source tarball, and 2. calling the package ksh only 
since that is all that would be installed (or needed beyond build 
time)?  That is unless anybody knows of an autotooled version of ksh 
that doesn't require ast-lib.


-- DJ Lucas

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