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Fri Mar 2 08:42:23 PST 2007

Some very nice info about xfce-4.4. I've linked to the mail in #2292.


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Date: Mar 1, 2007 8:18 AM
Subject: XFCE 4.4 up and running
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I have succesfully installed XFCE 4.4. It's up and running fine. So
far I've discovered these issues:
- If you want desktop icons (more than just icons from minimized apps)
you need to have dbus installed. I tried with dbus-1.0.2 and
dbus-glib-0.73. In the BLFS book is an old dbus version. The new
version requires the seperate dbus-glib package.

- For thunar to recognize changes to the filesystem automatically you
need gamin. Tried with the book version (0.17) and works fine. Gamin
0.18 has some problems (performance and not always working).

- Image preview support in Thunar requires, besides images libraries,
shared-mime-info. Without /usr/share/mime I couldn't get image preview
support. So this is a recommend dependency.

- Icons in Thunar depend on an icon theme in /usr/share/icons. The
default icon theme from the xfce package installs this so you don't
need to change ~/.gtkrc-2.0.
The hicolor-icon-theme provides optional icons not in the xfce icon
theme (as in the BLFS instructions, it runs fine without it however).

- Hal support in XFCE dependes on the optional thunar-volman which
seems to work reasonable so far (hal-

- The new Terminal application requires vte. Tested with the book version.

- For "tips and tricks" at startup you need fortune-mod, which in turn
depends on recode. These packages are not in the BLFS book. I've
installed these using the instructions from gentoo ebuilds.

- CUPS is an optional dependency. It is required for printing support.
a2ps is not required. Nor is any of these packages required for
compiling xfprint.

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