Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Fri Mar 2 08:31:48 PST 2007

Felix M. Palmen wrote:
> Hello all,
> one of the first tools I missed from a basic LFS system was netcat¹.
> It's part of most distributions I know and I use it quite regularly. So
> not being mentioned in BLFS, I thought it would be straight to build,
> but that proved wrong. Perhaps because of the age of the package
> (1996!), it just won't compile out of the box.
> Another oddity is the fact that the tarball doesn't extract in it's own
> subdirectory.
> I created a patch² for building it, replacing the Makefile completely
> and adding #includes to one source file. The original author tried to
> build static binaries, but I can't see how this should be useful for
> LFS, so my own Makefile creates dynamically linked binaries.
> Do you think this would be a good addendum to the network tools section
> of BLFS?
> Regards, Felix
> ¹ <>
> ² <>

This would be a good candidate for the wiki right now.  Why don't you
add it?  I created an empty page at

that would be a good place.

  -- bruce

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