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Fri Mar 2 01:57:20 PST 2007

Hello all,

one of the first tools I missed from a basic LFS system was netcat¹.
It's part of most distributions I know and I use it quite regularly. So
not being mentioned in BLFS, I thought it would be straight to build,
but that proved wrong. Perhaps because of the age of the package
(1996!), it just won't compile out of the box.

Another oddity is the fact that the tarball doesn't extract in it's own

I created a patch² for building it, replacing the Makefile completely
and adding #includes to one source file. The original author tried to
build static binaries, but I can't see how this should be useful for
LFS, so my own Makefile creates dynamically linked binaries.

Do you think this would be a good addendum to the network tools section
of BLFS?

Regards, Felix

¹ <>
² <>

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