firefox 1.5 vs 2

fenna fenna at
Thu Mar 1 16:06:28 PST 2007

Dan Nicholson wrote:
> Did you apply the nss patch first or the pango patch? The nss patch
> needs to apply first because they both play with configure*.
Initialy I applied the patches in the order of the blfs-6.2.0 book 
(first pango, then nss) and after re-reading the instructions I did not 
find it clear that the order should be nss first and pango second.

However after trying the modified nss patch first and than the original 
pango patch, the pango patched applied but with offsets.
> I'm getting there. I have on my system, I'm just busy with
> other stuff right now.
Ok no need to invent the wheel twice, but an offer to help stands with 
the provision of not having time available on a structural basis.
> --
> Dan
regards, Fenna

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