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   You know, when I got this version of LFS up for the first time, I
thought something was really wroing with Bash.   I think the extra
prompt is confusing, takes up screen space and should be removed.  At
least I had to.
   Also like the idea of a different color for a root shell.  Sounds
like a very good idea!

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Hi Dale,

I will take this chance (by reading your email and especially the first paragraph),
for a calling for reports of any kind, even if it is a innocent typo or
a minor inconsistency behavior of a program (like in this case of
There is no way to fix the bugs in the book, without the active involvement
of the community.

This is partly one of the main (if not the main) reasons I actually accepted
to be an editor (even if I knew that I am not yet ready to be an editor - I 
bet I am one of the less experienced people in LFS-land; I started computing 
actually in May of 2004 when I first installed gentoo-)... So I accepted
this role with the hope inside of me that:
  - First to avoid the pressure of Dan Nicholson for almost a year. :)
  - Then, that I could push some things I had in mind (mostly small fixes), but
    that could make a difference in some cases, or to push updates of
    some programs I use.
  - To be used as a bridge between the userbase and the developer team.
  - Because I believe that, experienced editors have to concentrate in most
    difficult tasks, and leave the easy fixes for the novice editors.
  - Hoping that I will be the first of a new editor generation that will
    make possible to continue the long and proud tradition of (x)LFS and to
    guaranty the continuation/existence of the Books in the future. 
    There are many people with great experience, Simon Geard coming in my mind,
    (plus many others) that are capable to offer great help.
  - And last but not least, with the hope that people will think.
    "If a fool like him can be an editor and fix bugs, I can do it too."
    And I am not joking at this part.

There is a very simple guide in the wiki page (created by Dan) that could 
be used to create some diffs for the Book. I actually started from this
Here is the link for those who are wishing to help (I will place the
link in my signature from now and on).

But, even if you don't want to install all the tools that are mentioned in
that guide, please once more, *report* any issue you found by dropping a
simple email in one of our mailing lists.

It will be much appreciated.

Thanks for listening and good summer vacations by the way (I will do
mine in a just few days :)).
-- Ag.

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