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Fri Jul 27 09:53:43 PDT 2007

El Viernes, 27 de Julio de 2007 02:01, Randy McMurchy escribió:
> Hi all,
> Best as I can tell, the Anduin package repository hasn't been updated
> for well over a month. There's probably been more than 100 package
> updates since then. I know Justin is busy these days, so should we
> just forget this idea of having a repo?

Ask Justin. IMHO, having the ftp repo up to date for when BLFS-6.3 will be 
released could be enought.

> Seems Justin and Manuel worked out some sort of automation to make
> the repo update easier, but I guess it didn't get put into place.

Yes, there is the "wget-list" Makefile target to extract all packages & 
patches download URLs.

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