Obsolete text on the "X Window System Components" page

Alexander E. Patrakov patrakov at ums.usu.ru
Tue Jul 24 07:54:48 PDT 2007

The following text is obsolete, because there is no /etc/fonts/*.conf 
file, and DejaVu is known to Fontconfig-2.4.2 by default:

> Earlier it was mentioned that |/etc/fonts/fonts.conf| could be 
> modified to use DejaVu using the default family names. Since DejaVu is 
> a replacement for Bitstream Vera fonts, it can be substituted for that 
> family. Visually inspect the |fonts.conf| to see how fonts are grouped 
> together under the generic family names within <alias> tags and a 
> preference list is created within <prefer> tags. To replace Bitstream 
> Vera with DejaVu, run the following command as the |root| user:
> sed -i 's/<family>Bitstream Vera/<family>DejaVu/' /etc/fonts/fonts.conf
> To see which fonts will be used as the generic fonts in your locale, 
> run the command *fc-match monospace*. Substitute "sans" or "serif" to 
> see the fonts that will be used for those aliases.

(thanks to Archaic for spotting this)

Alexander E. Patrakov

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