cdparanoia-III-9.8 using libata

Dan Nicholson dbn.lists at
Fri Jul 20 07:43:39 PDT 2007

Randy, I thought I'd bring this up since you just powered through most
of the multimedia stuff and probably still have this fresh.

With recent kernel releases, you have the option of using libata and
accessing all your PATA drives through a SCSI interface. This causes a
problem with cdparanoia-III-9.8 where you need to have access to the
SCSI generic device (/dev/sg*) in addition to the CD device
(/dev/sr*). Our LFS udev rules correctly add the cdrom group to just
the /dev/sr* nodes, meaning that ordinary users can't access the
generic devices.

It turns out that this has been fixed in cdparanoia to use the SG_IO
interface to access SCSI cd drives. The fix is in cdparanoia-10pre0,
but I believe the part that's needed is this:

I'm not sure the right thing to do here. FWIW, I'm using 10pre0, and
we recently ripped ~50Gb of music to the hard drive using it. So, I'm
fairly confident that release worked for me, but I'd like to hear what
others have to say.


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