JDK version 6

DJ Lucas dj at linuxfromscratch.org
Sat Jul 14 08:20:37 PDT 2007

DJ Lucas wrote:
> Randy McMurchy wrote:
>> 3. The GCC patch should probably be at a -2 revision level, indicating
>> a difference in your original.
> It'll probably have to be rediffed anyway, I think they got the '>
> /dev/null' added in the compiler check when we get the new sources.
Well they didn't, but it appears that the patch to vectornode.hpp is no
longer needed.  IIRC, that patch came from upstream, but they did it a
little differently and icked some of the whitespace so it failed instead
of saying already applied.  Anyway, the new gcc4 patch is in the repo
and links created for u2 for the other two patches.  My local copy (and
book patch) is updated on quantum.

As far as the dependent packages, I have this list, but I don't know if
I missed anything.  It's the result of greping an export for '"jdk"' and

Subversion, PDL, FreeTTS, Junit, Pilot-link, Graphviz, libidn,
Apache-ant, java-access-bridge, KDE Base, KDE Bindings, Cyrus-sasl,
cups, OpenSSH, Berkly DB, and OpenOffice.

-- DJ Lucas

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