New Package - VirtualBox

Luca luca.piol at
Fri Jul 13 22:17:49 PDT 2007


Just a simple and minimal thought...

Wouldn't be nice to include a Virtual Machine product too?

I am aware about VMWare Server and Workstation, Bochs and others but I'm
focusing on VirtualBox ( - it's a pro solution
freely available as Open Source (under GPL license). Latest is
VirtualBox-1.4.0 out in June.
The requirements are (only to run graphical user interfaces):

- Qt 3.3.5 or higher
- SDL 1.2.7 or higher

The main gui requires both while simplified gui only SDL.

I'm using it myself (because I don't like VMWare products as well
as other VM products like Bochs) so in case just let know.


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