suggestion to use subversion 1.4.4 in blfs (a bit hacky still)

DJ Lucas dj at
Thu Jul 12 12:33:01 PDT 2007

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> As far as the SVN bindings, I wanted to build JDK version 6 first.
> I did that today. I will test all of BLFS against it (except I can't
> promise I'll build Ooo).
Sweet!  I kinda got ticked when Update 2 was released.  :-) Doh! Start
over!  I'm firing off a JDK build and using your new patch and seds in
just a few minutes.  Thanks.  My local copy is being updated with your
changes and I'll pass off a book patch with the textual changes.  I
wouldn't worry much about OOo if you don't need it, it should be Ok, but
I'm still slow-pokin my way through the optionals when I don't have the
kids at home.

-- DJ Lucas

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