Xorg wget download links

taipan67 sysadm.taipan67 at btinternet.com
Thu Jul 12 15:43:48 PDT 2007

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> taipan67 wrote these words on 07/12/07 14:47 CST:
>> I agree in principle, but in the specific case of the Xorg packages, the 
>> use of the direct download links is effectively being discouraged in 
>> favour of the more 'scripted' wget-method - that was why i preferred the 
>> less orthodox option - what do you think?
> There is merit to the idea of having "direct download links" just
> like all the other packages. I didn't think about that. However,
> from a support standpoint, I like the idea of having the wget script
> as we are more assured that a package won't inadvertently be missed
> by the installer.
I've been thinking about this whilst watching a couple of the rare 
TV-shows that i can actually stand, & trying to come up with the 
clearest possible way of expressing myself - here's what i came up with...

My preference for putting the wget-list links (& ideally the 
corresponding md5-file links) in the 'Package Information' section 
probably comes down to my perspective as an 'end-user' rather than a 
developer, & as such, when i look at a page from the book, i don't see a 
'Package Information' section, i see a 'Principal Download' section.

Therefore, in the case of the Xorg pages that recommend using a supplied 
wget-list to download the necessary sources, that 'Principal Download' 
section would be the most natural place for me to find the download 
links i require, regardless of whether they link to upstream directly or 
to these in-house lists - hell, in this case the upstream links don't 
actually download anything anyway (but that's beside the point).

I'd also like to say that i think the book's recommended method in these 
cases (wget-filed & scripted building of suitable sections of Xorg) is a 
superb innovation which the overwhelming majority of user's surely 
benefit from - i'm only doing things the hard way myself to learn as 
much as possible as i go, & to stretch the pkgusr approach until it squeaks.


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