Changing Wiki Login Procedure

Matthew Burgess matthew at
Thu Jul 12 10:45:16 PDT 2007


At the moment, logging in to the various project's wiki sites causes a browser dialog to appear, which isn't particularly common these days.  There doesn't appear to be a way of getting a password reminder, should someone forget their password.  The error page someone gets if they type in an incorrect username or password doesn't look particularly nice either.  Over on the server-admin Trac, I've fixed these issues.  Users are presented with a webform to login (see  That form also has a link whereby the user can request a password reminder.  The error one gets if you fail to authenticate is much nicer looking as well, IMO.

I plan on implementing this login form for the LFS wiki site as well.  If BLFS and ALFS folks would like, I can also implement this in their respective wikis too.  Let me know what you think, please.



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