JDK version 6

Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed Jul 11 18:58:09 PDT 2007

Hi all,

This is mostly to DJ, but FYI to everyone else, with comments welcome.

I'd like to propose that we ditch 3 of the JDK patches and use seds

1. The Mozilla plugin patch can be done with:

sed -i '/^.*linux)/ { N; /.*/ { N; /.*/d }}' \

2. The broken_demo patch can be done with:

sed -i '/.*mtrace.*/ { N; /.*/ s/.*mtrace.*\n.*/\t  mtrace/ }' \

3. The static_cxx patch can be done with:

sed -i 's/= true/= false/' \

Additionally, I modified the GCC4 patch to do the following:

1. Remove the fix to the assembly as it is now fixed in the tarball.
2. Add a fix to the vectornode.hpp file
3. Remove the -Werror so that some warnings don't kill the build.

Patch is attached.


rmlscsi: [bogomips 1003.28] [GNU ld version 2.16.1] [gcc (GCC) 4.0.3]
[GNU C Library stable release version 2.3.6] [Linux i686]
20:46:00 up 13 days, 18:37, 1 user, load average: 0.08, 0.02, 0.01
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