A few notes on the book

Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed Jul 11 14:43:35 PDT 2007

DJ Lucas wrote these words on 07/11/07 11:29 CST:
> Chris Staub wrote:
>> And one more little thing...Tcsh instructions say that the "colorls" 
>> patch is needed for "Coreutils 6.7" but development LFS uses Coreutils 6.9.
> Actually, that patch is no longer needed and if I remember, 6.15.00
> builds fine with the existing instructions minus the patch.

Confirmed. And I would have updated the book *long* ago, except that
I can't get anyone to confirm that the multibyte issue is, or is not
an issue any longer.

BTW, it appears I won't have to install tcsh any longer as I only did
it for JDK builds, and today I built JDK-6u2 and it requires ksh. I
used your patches in the repo DJ, however, one isn't required any

There are additional patches/seds needs as well.

1. vectornode.hpp file fix
2. gcc.make file fix

Also, changing all the ksh's to bash's seem to work, but I built again,
using ksh just to do it right.


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