A few notes on the book

Dan Nicholson dbn.lists at gmail.com
Wed Jul 11 10:34:59 PDT 2007

On 7/11/07, Chris Staub <chris at beaker67.com> wrote:
> 1. libgnomeprint says that Pango and Fontconfig are required. This is
> redundant since Pango requires Fontconfig.

Good catch.

> 2. Cairo does not actually require X to install. It really just needs
> Fontconfig - it can be built without png, which requires adding
> "--enable-png=no" to configure. This would also necessitate modifying
> that GTK+-2 instructions to specify that GTK+-2 needs X. I still have
> yet to test all the possibilities here - for example, GTK+-2 requires
> Pango built with Cairo support, but since Cairo can be built without X,
> will GTK still build if you install X at some point after Pango and
> Cairo, or do both of them need to be built with X support as well?

I suppose you're right, but it would be really sucky for 95% of the
people here if they didn't at least have the xlib backend. I suppose
it should be Recommended, though.

For the gtk case, I don't think it would work to build X later. Both
pango and gtk build specific backends for X. For gtk, you could only
build the directfb backend to even get anything on Linux. With pango,
you could only have the fontconfig/freetype backend.

So, I suppose you could do the whole gtk/pango/cairo stack on
directfb/freetype. Then I guess it would be Recommended not to do this
to yourself (IMO). But you couldn't build X later and expect things to
work. You'd need to rebuild the stack.

> 3. There is a redundancy in Freetype instructions for unpacking the
> freetype-docs tarball. It says to do "--strip-components=2 -C docs", but
>   it unpacks into the "docs" dir in the freetype source tree by default
> anyway. This can be changed to just "--strip-components=1" without the
> "-C", or alternatively a note saying that the freetype-docs tarball can
> be unpacked from the same place as the freetype source tarball, and will
> unpack into the same freetype-[version] dir.



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