A few notes on the book

Chris Staub chris at beaker67.com
Wed Jul 11 09:58:13 PDT 2007

1. libgnomeprint says that Pango and Fontconfig are required. This is 
redundant since Pango requires Fontconfig.

2. Cairo does not actually require X to install. It really just needs 
Fontconfig - it can be built without png, which requires adding 
"--enable-png=no" to configure. This would also necessitate modifying 
that GTK+-2 instructions to specify that GTK+-2 needs X. I still have 
yet to test all the possibilities here - for example, GTK+-2 requires 
Pango built with Cairo support, but since Cairo can be built without X, 
will GTK still build if you install X at some point after Pango and 
Cairo, or do both of them need to be built with X support as well?

3. There is a redundancy in Freetype instructions for unpacking the 
freetype-docs tarball. It says to do "--strip-components=2 -C docs", but 
  it unpacks into the "docs" dir in the freetype source tree by default 
anyway. This can be changed to just "--strip-components=1" without the 
"-C", or alternatively a note saying that the freetype-docs tarball can 
be unpacked from the same place as the freetype source tarball, and will 
unpack into the same freetype-[version] dir.

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