Bad rendering on new xsl macana at
Tue Jul 10 11:49:25 PDT 2007

El Martes, 10 de Julio de 2007 01:11, Randy McMurchy escribió:

> Confirmed. Also I noticed something else, but it may be intentional.
> If the FTP download URL is null (" "), then nothing at all is displayed.
> Actually, this is kind of nice, but I don't know whether it was
> intentional.

Not intentional, but a side effect of hiding empty Home links in the LFS 
packages page.

Maybe there is yet other side effects or bugs not noticed by me, due that now 
all books are using the same XSL/CSS code.

The "book-type" parameter found on blfs-chnuked.xsl (and the other top-level 
files) was added to can geneate diferent output for each book when required. 
Thus we are able to refine the BLFS look without changing other books look.

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