D-Bus/HAL + KDE?

Jens Stroebel drifter at bcsoft.de
Tue Jul 10 09:36:08 PDT 2007

Dan Nicholson wrote:
> Yes, they're still needed, we just haven't gotten that far yet. If
> you'd like to be the guinea pig, please see this post from a couple
> months ago when I was investigating this.
> If you use KDE with the HAL backend, I'd appreciate if you could test this out.

As far as I can tell, the combination of


builds fine and works with regards to KDE being able to offer device
icons for appearingUSB sticks/CDs ....
I have to admit that we are KDE only at the moment, so I can't say
anything about the usability of the glib-bindings as we don't use them
(needed for the hal-compile, though).

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