Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Mon Jul 9 12:26:03 PDT 2007

Dan Nicholson wrote these words on 04/20/07 19:10 CST:

> I'm assuming that all the bindings stuff will be on a separate page,
> so I ripped it all out. I'd also appreciate any comment on installing
> the doxygen generated man pages. It puts them in the tree in a
> man/man3dbus directory, so I put it in the same section on the system:
> /usr/share/man/man3dbus. Normally I wouldn't want to do that, but
> there are a lot of pages and it looks like some might conflict. I
> didn't investigate that, though. That's certainly up for debate.
> I made a couple changes to the bootscript. Assuming you install the
> new lfs-bootscripts tarball I rolled earlier today, the passing of -p
> $pidfile to loadproc and killproc should work correctly now. I've
> added this here so that you don't kill off any session buses trying to
> restart the system bus. This works reliably in my testing and I've had
> a fully stocked gnome desktop survive many system bus restarts.
> Also, during killproc, since -p is passed in, it will take care of
> removing the pid file if dbus-daemon was actually killed. I then made
> it so that the bus socket wouldn't get removed unless the killproc
> returned successfully.
> I'll try to post the hal diff a bit later, but it might not make a lot
> of sense until the dbus core + bindings gets worked out.


I went back and reviewed our old thread about D-Bus/HAL and forgot
that you had already created the D-Bus-1.0.2 page and modified bootscript.

Would you care to update the D-Bus page? The one you made (it is still
available) looks good to me. If so, I'll start working on the separate
packages that list D-Bus as a dependency and sort out which ones just
need D-Bus itself (such as CUPS), and which ones need one or more

Oh yeah, you may want to include a short sentence in the opening paragraph
of the new D-Bus instructions that mentions that there is a separate page
now for the bindings.

Let me know.


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