Video via web browsers

Alexander E. Patrakov patrakov at
Sun Jul 8 07:28:02 PDT 2007

Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> I have been using mplayerplug-in
> to play the occasional video in my browser, but it causes seamonkey to
> occasionally freeze requiring a kill/restart.  This behavior only
> happens after a video of some type is played.
> I am curious what others are using to view videos via their web browsers.

gxine comes with a mozilla plugin that launches an external copy of gxine. 
Kaffeine has a working plugin for at least Konqueror. However, all 
xine-based players offer suboptimal sound quality (crackling very noticeable 
if the sampling rate is below 32 kHz but existing at all rates not equal to 
48 kHz, see, so I avoid them. I have not 
tried mplayerplug-in.

The NoScript extension has a setting that places a clickable "block" tab 
near all active elements (including videos). This tab is also 
right-clickable, so one can copy-and paste the media URL into an external 
player - that's what I use now. Of course, the same URL is available without 
any extensions, in the Page Information box, on the Multimedia tab.

Alexander E. Patrakov

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