New book validation procedure?

Randy McMurchy randy at
Sat Jul 7 07:51:05 PDT 2007 wrote these words on 07/07/07 09:40 CST:

> To can depure xsltrproc or FOP warnings, that files are required. 
> Thus we have several options:
>  .- To keep the current status.
>  .-About how to handle temp files:  remove it by default, addig a Makefile 
> switch to not delete it. That meant that a editor must rebuild at least three 
> times the book (normal render, render not deleting that temp files, and 
> render toi be sure that the issue is fixed)

I am totally confused. Why must an Editor "rebuild at least three times "?

All we need is chunked HTML. Everything else is a manual process. For
the SVN book, we don't render a PDF or nochunked HTML on a daily basis.

All this stuff to support "make all" is really unnecessary, as it really
will never be used.


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