New book validation procedure?

Randy McMurchy randy at
Sat Jul 7 07:18:54 PDT 2007 wrote these words on 07/07/07 08:55 CST:

> The "validxml" target is a convenience target added to address two issues: 
> make sure that the book sources are valid before processing, and improve 
> rendering time when several outputs will be generated at the sane time (e.g, 
> "make all")

Could you explain to me how I render without creating this temp
file? Here's why.

I have a machine that every hour polls the {B}LFS repos for any
changes. If there are updates to the XML, then the book(s) are
rendered. This is automatic, and I always have current books

What I'd like is to not have to validate every time the book is
rendered. I trust the editors to do their job and validate before
committing changes. There should be no need to validate, so please
let me know how to render without validation.

Thanks for the help, Manuel.


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