New book validation procedure?

Randy McMurchy randy at
Sat Jul 7 06:06:22 PDT 2007

Hi all,

This is a question for Manuel, and FYI for everyone else.

There is still a Makefile target of 'validate' in the BLFS book Makefile
and the commands for this have not changed. However, noted in the
rendering section of the Makefile, it must first run the Makefile target
'validxml', where the first thing is to echo to STDOUT "Validating the

I'm confused as to which target is really validating. Could one or the
other be renamed, to avoid the confusion?


And another question (this one because I'm ignorant about Makefiles).

Best I can tell from the Makefile this is how rendering is done:

1. Run the Makefile target 'blfs'.
2. The 'blfs' target first calls the 'validxml' and 'profile-html' targets.
3. The 'profile-html' target first calls the 'validxml' target.

So, my question is this: how does the 'make' procedure know not to run
the 'validxml' target twice, once called by the 'blfs' target and again
by the 'profile-html?


And one other question.

Shouldn't we clean up the file(s) left in the /tmp directory after the
completion of the work?


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