[nex-xsl] What to do?

Matthew Burgess matthew at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed Jul 4 14:29:39 PDT 2007

On Wednesday 04 July 2007 21:34:05 M.Canales.es wrote:
> Hi,
> As you know, the new XSL stylesheets are ready for production time waiting
> the release of stable DocBook-XSL-1.72.1.
> The bad news it that there will be no DocBook-XSL-1.72.1 release

That's obviously not the news any of us were hoping for!

> That lead us to the next choices:
>  1. - Wait up to the next *.1 release to start using the new code. That
> could meant to wait at least other 3-4 months :-/

While this is probably the easiest option to go for (all projects simply stick 
with the current docbook toolchain), it would be a shame to see all of your 
hard work on the new-xsl branch not made use of.

>  2.- To create our own LFS-XSL-1.0 package based on current new-xsl branch
> code and use it as a temporally solution. That implies to add a
> installation page for such package in BLFS and to install it on the servers
> and editor's machines.

This, I fear, would look as if we've created a fork of the upstream project.  
While there are some good reasons for creating a fork (lack of maintenance, 
undesirable license changes, etc.), the lack of a stable release when we 
want/need one by is not one of them, in my opinion.

>  3.- To clean-up the docbook-xsl-snapshoot branch subdirectory to keep only
> that files actualy required to build the books. Then merge the code to the
> {,B,C,H}LFS SVN trees. That will made the book's sources full
> auto-contained. This will increase maintenance work to keep it sinchronized
> with upstream code, but IMHO is the more simple solution and my prefered
> way.

I also think this is the way we should proceed.  I'm not sure that we 
necessarily need to remove files that we don't require for a build of any of 
our books - in fact, keeping them around would probably make diffs between 
upstream and our downstream copy easier to understand.

Related to this issue is the fact that I'm painfully aware that the 6.3 
release has been a long-time coming.  Manuel, as you said, the current 
snapshot in the new-xsl branch are production ready, so I'd be happy for 
these to be merged, if this is the route that is decided upon.



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