XOrg-7.2 - libXcb

taipan67 sysadm.taipan67 at btinternet.com
Tue Jul 3 10:33:38 PDT 2007

Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:
> ...the existing Xorg-7.2 instructions should not be used, for reasons 
> unrelated to XCB. E.g., accelerated indirect rendering (AIGLX, needed for 
> beryl and compiz) won't work, because Mesa and Xorg disagree on the location 
> of DRI drivers...
Apologies for deviating from the thread-topic, Alexander, but as someone 
who's interested in installing Beryl, the above passage has me a bit 
confused. The instructions in the development book for MesaLib-6.5.2 & 
Xorg-Server-1.2.0 appear to use configuration switches to correlate the 
location of the drivers between the two. If that is incorrect or 
insufficient to get a working AIGLX-capable server, are there other or 
alternate steps that need to be taken?

Thanks in advance, taipan

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