Xorg-7.3 and BLFS-6.3?

Dan Nicholson dbn.lists at gmail.com
Sun Dec 30 06:49:55 PST 2007

Ken is pretty much right on, but I'll add my thoughts.

On Dec 29, 2007 7:51 PM, Ken Moffat <ken at linuxfromscratch.org> wrote:
> On Sat, Dec 29, 2007 at 12:36:30PM -0600, DJ Lucas wrote:
> > Hey guys.  Anybody started on this for the book?  There is not a ticket
> > currently.

Right when 7.3 was released, I thought about pushing it into BLFS (I
even have the wget/md5sum files basically completed). But, I've been
following xorg a lot closer in recent months, and 7.3 was not the best
release. Input hotplugging landed and brought a ton of new bugs with
it. Also, there's a lot more RandR-1.2 usage in the server and
drivers, which has new, subtle bugs.

> > I'm winging my way through it right now, assuming that the
> > book will eventually catch up...or that I'll catch it up.  Looking at
> > the list of fixes for the coming xorg-server-1.4.1, I'm wondering if the
> > book should wait.

The book should definitely wait for xorg-server-1.4.1. 1.4 had a ton
of bug reports and crashers. It's worked pretty much fine for me,

> > Any known pitfalls for those that have done it
> > already?

Watch out for the hal/dbus input usage. It's pretty cool when it
works, but there are definitely bugs. You may not want to bother
enabling it.

> > Is there a list of dependencies to follow someplace or just
> > continue checking each?  What about Mesa? I've used 7.0.2 and created

I think they're pretty much the same. Just pixman is new. Mesa 7.0+ is
just bug fixes, and I believe it's still source compatible with

> 1. BLFS almost looks as if it has set its face against xcb.  Works
> fine for me, even in 7.2.  Of course, I've dropped all binary
> packages other than realplayer on x86.

There's no reason not to use xcb. There was the issue with locking
bugs in binary clients (source ones have probably had the bugs fixed),
but you can work around them with the environment variable. I've never
had to use it, and I doubt you will, either.

> 3. Possibly, some of the drivers need the new 'pci' library
> (pciaccess) - certainly, neither ati nor nv, nor any of the
> non-video drivers that I build, use it.  But, there was a comment
> from I think Keith Packard on lkml the other week which implied it
> was in use in xorg-7.3.

pciaccess was actually merged after 7.3, so the 7.3 drivers won't need
it. If you jump to xf86-video-intel-2.2.x, then you'll probably need

> 4. Evdev-1.2.0 is apparently required, but I don't notice the
> difference compared to the previous version (maybe I would notice if
> I knew what it did, maybe not).

Between the input hotplugging and the extended input devices work that
got in, a bunch of input drivers broke. Evdev is a generic input
device for Linux (meaning it handles keyboards, mice, joysticks,
etc.), and xf86-input-evdev is just a layer over it.

It's the only driver that works correctly with input hotplugging,
which is why they were saying it's required. However, if you don't use
that, then any of the drivers should be fine. Evdev is pretty nice for
"just working", anyway. If you have a mouse with a lot of buttons, I'd
say give it a go as it usually works right out of the box.

> 7. Server seems good, and might be as good as we get before
> 1.5.

It's a predecessor to 1.4.1, and I'm pretty sure the slowness is just
due to the high amount of bugs introduced. 1.5 will be the server for


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