Xorg-7.3 and BLFS-6.3?

Joe Ciccone jciccone at gmail.com
Sun Dec 30 23:21:25 PST 2007

Ken Moffat wrote:
> On Sat, Dec 29, 2007 at 12:36:30PM -0600, DJ Lucas wrote:
>> Hey guys.  Anybody started on this for the book?  There is not a ticket
>> currently.  I'm winging my way through it right now, assuming that the
>> book will eventually catch up...or that I'll catch it up.  Looking at
>> the list of fixes for the coming xorg-server-1.4.1, I'm wondering if the
>> book should wait.  Any known pitfalls for those that have done it
>> already?  Is there a list of dependencies to follow someplace or just
>> continue checking each?  What about Mesa? I've used 7.0.2 and created
>> the glw.pc.in file in a patch.  So far so good at completion of all
>> current libs listed in X11R7.3/src/, based on current BLFS
>> instructions.  I've seen pixman and evdev mentions a lot lately, and Dan
>> an Alexander seem to be involved on the xorg devel lists.  You guys have
>> anything to add?  Other than evdev-1.2.0, anything else to be concerned
>> with?
>  For the little that my thoughts on this are worth (inter-alia, I
> only build for radeon and nv, I'm much more concerned with issues
> on non-x86 architectures, I don't make any use of dbus, and I
> certainly don't build hal or use the gnome or kde desktops - call
> me an old fogey if you like ;)
> 1. BLFS almost looks as if it has set its face against xcb.  Works
> fine for me, even in 7.2.  Of course, I've dropped all binary
> packages other than realplayer on x86.
I've been using XCB since the first time I built 7.2. With the exception 
of a few exceptions here and there, that have been taken care of as far 
as I can see.
> 2. I didn't know Mesa-7.0.2 was out.  Been using 7.0.1 with 7.3, no
> known problems, but I expect 7.0.2 has a load of bugfixes ?
I've been using 7.0.1 aswell.
> 3. Possibly, some of the drivers need the new 'pci' library
> (pciaccess) - certainly, neither ati nor nv, nor any of the
> non-video drivers that I build, use it.  But, there was a comment
> from I think Keith Packard on lkml the other week which implied it
> was in use in xorg-7.3.
This I havn't noticed.
> 4. Evdev-1.2.0 is apparently required, but I don't notice the
> difference compared to the previous version (maybe I would notice if
> I knew what it did, maybe not).
Try plugging in a logitech usb mouse while using a previous version of 
evdev with the hal / dbus hotplug support enabled. The X server will 
segfault in my own expierence.
> 5. For the ati drivers, 6.7.196 is definitely good IMHO (haven't tried
> .197 in a known good environment yet).  Supposedly, 6.7 is needed
> for randr-1.2, but the latest 6.6 seemed ok to me on one machine
> when 6.7.195 was both the latest release and broken.
I've had so much trouble with the ati drivers that I just bought a 
nvidia card. Whos drivers seem to be working fine, playing games through 
wine at 1600x1200.
> 6. I've spoken too much about pixman-0.9.6 on support ;)  Again, it
> depends on the architecture and perhaps on the video driver - my
> ppc64 with nv and ppc with radeon are happy with 0.9.5, other arches
> aren't.
I used 0.9.5 on my x86_64.
> 7. Server seems good, and might be as good as we get before
> 1.5.
1.4.0 isn't exactly on my good side right now.
>  Funnily enough, I built 7.2 using the versions in blfs (plus xcb
> stuff) a couple of days ago for the LFS-6.3 system I've just
> installed.  I was somewhat surprised to see that blfs seemed to be
> recommending people to download all of the video drivers.  In the
> beginning, replicating the non-modular build had merit, but a lot of
> the parts are no longer useful to most people with semi-modern
> installations, and encouraging people to build all of the video
> drivers just highlights that.
>  I don't have an opinion about whether 7.2 or 7.3 should be in 6.3,
> there are enough other old things like gnome-2.18 and kde-3.5.6 :
> for what I'm using, I don't see any "must upgrade" things in any of
> these (in itself, that is good - it's not that long since a version
> upgrade fixed noticeable bugs or made things noticeably better).
>  The pain is in identifying good versions of everything,
> particularly the video drivers, and trying to find reliable
> information on which versions are intended to be used in 7.3.
Well, I originally tried using the versions that were in the 7.3 release 
directory on the ftp. I had some errors compiling most of the drivers 
that I got from that directory, everything else worked fine.

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