Xorg-7.3 and BLFS-6.3?

DJ Lucas dj at linuxfromscratch.org
Sat Dec 29 10:36:30 PST 2007

Hey guys.  Anybody started on this for the book?  There is not a ticket
currently.  I'm winging my way through it right now, assuming that the
book will eventually catch up...or that I'll catch it up.  Looking at
the list of fixes for the coming xorg-server-1.4.1, I'm wondering if the
book should wait.  Any known pitfalls for those that have done it
already?  Is there a list of dependencies to follow someplace or just
continue checking each?  What about Mesa? I've used 7.0.2 and created
the glw.pc.in file in a patch.  So far so good at completion of all
current libs listed in X11R7.3/src/, based on current BLFS
instructions.  I've seen pixman and evdev mentions a lot lately, and Dan
an Alexander seem to be involved on the xorg devel lists.  You guys have
anything to add?  Other than evdev-1.2.0, anything else to be concerned

-- DJ Lucas

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