Neon and Subversion.

Randy McMurchy randy at
Thu Dec 27 19:38:51 PST 2007

Ag. D. Hatzimanikas wrote:

> Subversion in order to connect to https:// it requires Neon to
> be build with ssl support (OpenSSL||GnuTLS).

The Neon package should be added to the book. The explanations
you offer need to be on this new page. In my opinion we should
recommend in the Subversion dependencies that the neon package
should be installed.

If Neon is not added to the book, then we need to do something
along the lines of what Ag is recommending. However:

Before we make changes, let's see if others have comments on
this situation. I'll add the Neon package and make the
appropriate changes to the Subversion instructions if someone
doesn't get to it first.

Let's create a Trac ticket and someone grab it. I'm not trying
to circumvent a suggestion by Ag, I'm willing to enhance it.

Other comments are welcome.


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