Neon and Subversion.

Ag. D. Hatzimanikas a.hatzim at
Thu Dec 27 19:06:23 PST 2007

Hi all,

Subversion in order to connect to https:// it requires Neon to
be build with ssl support (OpenSSL||GnuTLS).

The "--with-ssl" subversion configure option is actually used to build
neon with ssl support but it doesn't affect the subversion build in any way
(only indirectly); If you build neon without ssl, you won't have access to https://.

So my question is:

Does this information needs to be added in the book?

If yes, then:

Subversion offers a package with the prerequisites (apr, neon
and zlib) with the advantage that the specific versions are know to work
together. But all these three packages can be built independently. Zlib
is already installed and apr can be installed with apache. Subversion
can auto detect them and link against; plus it offers configure
switches to find them if they are installed, in not standard places.

Lastly, subversion also checks if there is a directory with the name of
one of these packages on the top of the sources tree and if it there is such
a directory, it tries to build the package.
That is the case with neon in my setup; I am building this way. 
I just extract the Neon sources, pass the "--with-ssl" as a configure option
and subversion do the rest.

That is not quite flexible, because if you build neon by yourself, you can choose
the ssl implementation (OpenSSL or GnuTLS) to link against; In any case
Neon pickup the OpenSSL libraries by default.

So, how can this information can be written?

There are already two notes about neon (one about the version, and the other in
the command explanations section) and now maybe needs another one or two! for the
complete story it needs three. :)

Attached is a patch for review. I tried to do it as less painful I
could. I guess we have to avoid the bloat.

Please add your opinion and possible suggestions if you have the time.

1. I've also added an 'or' instead of an 'and' to the serf dependency.
>From what I've read subversion needs one of them and it has two configure 
switches to avoid conflicts ( "--with-serf" and "--without-neon").

-------------- next part --------------
Index: basicnet/netprogs/subversion.xml
--- basicnet/netprogs/subversion.xml	(revision 7163)
+++ basicnet/netprogs/subversion.xml	(working copy)
@@ -99,8 +99,8 @@
     <para role="optional"><xref linkend="python"/> (required to run the test suite),
     <!-- <xref linkend="db"/>, -->
     <xref linkend="apache"/> (if you have <application>Apache Portable
-    Runtime</application> installed),
-    <ulink url="">neon</ulink>*, and
+    Runtime</application> installed), and
+    <ulink url="">neon</ulink>* or
     <ulink url="">serf</ulink></para>
     <para>* The <command>configure</command> script will warn that the
@@ -290,6 +290,13 @@
     <filename class="directory">/usr/lib/apr-0</filename> instead of
     <filename class="directory">/usr/build</filename>.</para>
+    <para><option>--with-ssl</option>: If you are going to use the <application>
+    Subversion dependencies</application> package, use this option to
+    build <application> neon</application> with SSL support. If you don't
+    link <application>neon</application> against a SSL library, <application>
+    Subversion</application> will not be able to support SSL connections.
+    </para>
   <sect2 role="configuration">

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