Problem with Qt patch

Randy McMurchy randy at
Wed Dec 26 14:13:07 PST 2007

Chris Staub wrote:
> The Qt patch linked in the book - 
> - is 
> apparently a DOS-format text file, and as a result won't apply. 

You are the second person to say this, however, most
(including me) only receive a message during the patch's
installation, but it installs okay.

Could you give the *exact* error message you get, and
the result of the process when you use the instructions
in the book?

I'm not a big fan of taking patches from a maintainer,
changing it, then installing it into the BLFS repo. The
reason being that we can't tell if the maintainer changes
the patch and leaves the name the same which would make
our patch obsolete without any way of even knowing it.

Additionally, by retrieving it from the maintainer, it is
likely that if there are other patches, it would be
discovered easier than if we are using the BLFS repo.

Thanks for any additional help or comments you may have,
Chris. I searched the mail archives for the last time this
issue came up, but I didn't get any good results. I'm not
real good at using the LFS search tool.


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