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Sat Dec 15 07:19:06 PST 2007

2007/12/15, Randy McMurchy <randy at linuxfromscratch.org>:
> Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:
> > Well, suppose that the "default mount options" bug is magically
> > resolved, and someone wrote a BLFS page for policy-kit. Still, there
> > are two drastically different configurations: with and without HAL,
> > that are both valid, and both have to be documented. I.e., twice the
> > work than for a typical binary distro that supports only one of those
> > two configurations.
> As I mentioned before, I believe XFCE to be the exception
> more than the rule. And for XFCE, there would be nothing
> wrong with stating "The instructions below will install
> and configure XFCE to be used without HAL. If you wish
> to use HAL for mounting removable media, you'll need to
> install policy-kit and yada, yada, yada. BLFS has not
> tested this configuration".
> That way we present a known working configuration with
> a mention of the other configurations.


> > On the bright side, Archaic has provided some feedback and noted some
> > inaccuracies in the text that was copied over from the old page. If
> > you verify the build size, the fact that the instructions are
> > sufficient to avoid HAL even if it is installed, and fix the link to
> > the URI perl module (it should link to an anchor on the "perl modules"
> > page instead of CPAN), I will fix the textual issues and uncomment the
> > page. OK?
> Sounds great to me. The Perl modules all have existing anchors
> already. It simply means that the XFCE page needs to be updated
> to point at the anchor (trivial).

Well, it is true for perl modules that have a bridgehead tag.
Currently, URI is only mentioned as a dependency of  libwww-perl, and
doesn't have anything that can be put into the linkend attribute of
the xref tag.

<snip the "We can only do our best" point, it is valid>

> One thing I see that could be helpful is to list similar
> packages (packages which do the same or similar things) on
> BLFS pages. For example, on the K3B page, we could list other
> packages out there that do CD/DVD recording. On the MPlayer
> page, we could list other packages that are media players,
> etc., etc.

Yes, good idea. Maybe we should list similar/related packages, further
directions (as I have done with Xfce), etc.

> I like to look at BLFS not as an all-encompassing book of
> facts, but instead a resource to help folks build packages,
> and learn the basics of building open-source software. BLFS
> will never be a resource that will provide instructions for
> each and every package, it is only a resource that documents
> what other folks have discovered, and then tries to get that
> information out to others.

I agree, but for me, BLFS is not just a collection of packages to
build. Architectural overviews such as the one we have for X window
system are also important.

Alexander E. Patrakov

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