Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Dec 13 16:15:59 PST 2007

Christian Wurst wrote:

> First of all I hope I'm writing to the right list, apologies if this
> isn't the case.

It is the correct list, thanks for writing in.

> I've been building (B)LFS systems for quite some time now and I
> thought it would be cool to contribute something.

It is cool. Thanks.

> I noticed that there
> is a new version of XFSprogs out there but the BLFS-book still uses
> the old one, which isn't even availible for download anymore (see also
> ticket# 2411). The last time I updated my box (LFS 6.3, BLFS 6.2.0) I
> already used the new version (2.9.4-1) and it compiled fine using the
> commands for version 2.9.3. Creating a new filesystem worked too, no
> errors so far. So I thought this would be a good opportunity to help
> keeping the book up to date.

Great. Thanks.

> Right now I am working my way through the BLFS editors guide and a few
> questions arose:
> 1.) Calculating the SBUs for the new package: The time-program reports
> 3 different times as I'm sure you know. I think I should use the
> "user" time, correct?

I don't have a Linux machine available right now, so I
can't run the time command and see what it actually
outputs. I know the time you need to use is the actual
time used. If I recall correctly, it ends up being the
sum of the user and system time, whatever that is called
in the 'time' output.

> 2.) Is the md5 sum of the package simply calculated by invoking
> "md5sum xfsprogs-2.9.4-1.tar.gz"? I didn't find any md5 values at the
> download location, but maybe I overlooked something.

If the maintainer doesn't provide an MD5sum, we calculate
it using the syntax you used above.

> 3.) I've never worked with svn before, so the last question is about
> editing the xml-sources of the book: As far as I understand it, in my
> case I only would have to edit BOOK/postlfs/filesystems/xfs.xml
> (change md5 sum, build size, SBU, etc.) and the BOOK/general.ent file
> (update xfsprogs-version). Then I run "svn diff >  xfsprogs.patch" and
> mail it to the list.

Perfect. An Editor would then also update the ChangeLog.

> If I "svn up" the next time my changes would be
> overwritten by the current file versions of the server, right?

Actually, 'svn up' only calculates diffs. If you sent in
a diff, then an Editor applied it to the XML sources, an
'svn up' would only update your sandbox with the change
to the ChangeLog, as all the other files (xfs.xml and
general.ent) would be current.

> 4.) Is there anything else I should do before sending in a diff-file?
> Maybe there are some tests which are usually done or something else I
> don't know...

I can't think of anything else. You may want to check and
ensure that the programs and libraries listed are still
valid. Also, the build time (in SBU) should be rounded to
just one decimal digit.

Additionally, after looking at the current instructions, I
can't figure out how the libhandle.a library is recreated.
We delete it from /lib, but I don't see anything else for
how it is recreated in /usr/lib. Perhaps I'm just overlooking
the obvious.

> Thanks in advance for your help,

Any time. Actually, thank you for taking the time to read
the Ed Guide and send in a diff. :-)

I may not be able to update the book until after the new
year as I'm on holiday already and my development systems
are not available. If you do send in the diff, however,
I'll send private emails to the other BLFS editors and see
if they will apply your diff.

Thanks for your efforts. Feel free to send in diffs for any
other package that needs updating. :-)


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