Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 15:37:08 PST 2007

Christian Wurst wrote:

> 1.) Calculating the SBUs for the new package: The time-program reports
> 3 different times as I'm sure you know. I think I should use the
> "user" time, correct?

Yes.  You use the ratio of the time for package to the first LFS
binutils time.

I use: TIMEFORMAT='%1R Elapsed Time - ' $PACKAGENAME

> 2.) Is the md5 sum of the package simply calculated by invoking
> "md5sum xfsprogs-2.9.4-1.tar.gz"? 


> 3.) I've never worked with svn before, so the last question is about
> editing the xml-sources of the book: As far as I understand it, in my
> case I only would have to edit BOOK/postlfs/filesystems/xfs.xml
> (change md5 sum, build size, SBU, etc.) and the BOOK/general.ent file
> (update xfsprogs-version). Then I run "svn diff >  xfsprogs.patch" and
> mail it to the list. 

Sounds about right.

> If I "svn up" the next time my changes would be
> overwritten by the current file versions of the server, right?

No, svn doesn't overwrite your files.  It will either "merge' in any
changes or update the files with a "Conflict"  with <<<< and >>>>
markers.  Check with `svn status`

> 4.) Is there anything else I should do before sending in a diff-file?
> Maybe there are some tests which are usually done or something else I
> don't know...

Usually I make install with DESTDIR=/tmp/$PACKAGENAME-install and then
evaluate if everything is there.  Other mkdir, cp, install, commands are
similarly modified.

Run any test suites and any other tests that you can think of to ensure
the package works properly.

  -- Bruce

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