Questions about Fontconfig-2.4.2

Alan Lord alanslists at
Wed Dec 12 23:54:55 PST 2007

Ken Moffat wrote:
<snip />
>  Don't believe that the documentation - particularly basic build
> documentation - in *any* package is necessarily complete or up to
> date.  Hopefully, the build docs are close enough to let you compile
> without too much trouble, but anything better than that in the
> tarball is a real bonus.
>  Or, have I totally misunderstood your point ?  (I can be *really*
> good at doing that, sometimes.)
> ĸen

*Perhaps* what Chris is trying to understand is how you use "make 
$DESTDIR" and tools like "tree" to find out what the standard build 
commands do and how/why they get changed?

Just a thought - I know that was often something I had pondered before I 
found out!

It's what I used to work out what Asterisk does and enabled me to tailor 
my build commands so everything went where I wanted it...



The way out is open!

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