Additional wget-list renders macana at
Mon Aug 20 10:49:46 PDT 2007

El Lunes, 20 de Agosto de 2007 07:25, Justin Robert Knierim escribió:
> For the ftp repos, I make heavy use of the wget scripts.  Some are
> already rendered with the book, such as:
> If it isn't too much trouble, could this be added for blfs and hlfs as
> well?  The command is the same, "make wget-list" with whatever BASEDIR
> you need.  If it is too much a pain, I can keep rendering them manually
> on quandary (my server) instead.

Updated the Makefile for both, HLFS and BLFS. If the server is using that 
Makefile to render the books (I think so), its wget-list files should be 
available on-line at the next render.

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