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Craig Jackson craigmjackson at
Thu Aug 16 19:35:07 PDT 2007

Forwarding to BLFS-Dev
> Pretty much everything I sell goes into high security or mission
> critical locations.
> Some won't consider units without SNMP, for others, it's just a selling
> point even
> if it's not used (firewall it if your really worried).

I find myself ending up in many a datacenter.  From what I've seen,
SNMP isn't used nearly enough.  The labs that take advantage of it
have that extra piece of mind with the many benefits of it.  From what
I've seen, the way they use it is not intended to be secure.  The
latest use I have seen for it is to simply monitor switched power
strips.  I'm not sure if the security concern is some time of exploit,
but even this would seem acceptable for an internal corporate LAN
behind a good set of firewalls.

Craig Jackson

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