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Randy McMurchy randy at
Thu Aug 16 18:46:08 PDT 2007

Mike Lynch wrote these words on 08/16/07 20:27 CST:

> I did install some of the stuff from BLFS that I needed (apache, iptables,
> etc.).  The only thing I had to get my self and figure out how to configure
> and compile was NET-SNMP.  That would probably be the only thing
> I might suggest adding to the BLFS stuff.

About 2 years ago I proposed to put Net-SNMP in the book, but was told
by the resident security "expert" on our staff that SNMP was insecure
(because the SNMP protocol in itself was insecure) and not to be used.
I won't mention a name. I disagreed then, and still to this day think
the Net-SNMP is a good thing.

Thanks for writing in. I too use it, as do thousands (perhaps millions
by now) of other people. Some in mission-critical installations.

It's probably time that BLFS put it in the book.

However, configuration of such a package is a stiff thing. You must
do a bunch to get results that are meaningful. I'm not sure there is
anyone on staff that can do this.

Mike, would you be willing to provide a default setup that we could

I cc'd BLFS-Dev just to get exposure to the proposal.


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