An idea for a new development model

Alan Lord alanslists at
Wed Aug 15 01:25:50 PDT 2007

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
> Hello,


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  > Essentially, the LiveCD is a distribution. But it is a distribution
> without something that nearly all others have: package management. Up to 
> now, there hasn't really been a need. But, if the CD incorporated PM at 
> its very heart, developers could focus more on tightening individual 
> components instead of always building the entire CD in one shot.
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  > If you like the sound of this new approach, please share your thoughts
> on what might help make it work. Details need to be discussed, such as 
> the exact development model, package management tools, updated 
> development scripts, tracking dependencies and standards for 
> development. I'll wait until there is some discussion before I speak any 
> further on some of the details that are already forming in my head.

Disclaimer: Please take my comments as those of a lurker - rather than 
anyone with any actual authority on this subject.

Jeremy - that sounds like a cracking idea but I strongly believe that it 
should go much further than the LiveCD...

The idea of PM for {L,B}FS is one of the frequent questions to pop-up on 
these lists. There has also been discussion recently about how to 
"invigorate" the community and the project.

I have been "doing" LFS for many years (LFS ID#216) but in the recent 
past now use Ubuntu for daily use. The reason why I don't do {L,B}FS 
much now? Because it is such a PITA to keep up-to-date. [Me dons an 
asbestos suit].

 From a personal perspective, if there was an "easier" and more 
integrated way to maintain a {L,B}FS system I'd still be using it; with 
Ubuntu, that just works.

I believe that if {L,B}FS (and the LiveCD) are developed to provide an 
integrated package management tool (but let's do it in the LFS style) or 
more like an automated build/upgrade tool, it would be a real boost to 
the project as a whole and garner a lot more support from the community 
at large. Maybe this should/could be the goal for LFS 8 or perhaps 10 ;-)?

> Lastly, I'm posting this to {,b}lfs-dev because I'd like to make sure 
> those current groups of readers have the opportunity to comment. If 
> possible, though, please send discussion to the livecd list.

Sorry - I get in via gmane and the livecd list isn't on there - never 
has either to my knowledge...


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